Welcome to YogaLife

“We teach beginning yoga for all fitness levels. Our classes focus on strength, flexibility, and stress relief for all people, not just the super bendy and athletic! If you haven’t exercised in a long time, we can help you get going again on a road to better health."

"We create a fun, safe, and supportive atmosphere without competition. Wherever you are in your journey, there is a place for you in our community. Signing up on-line is easy! There are no monthly commitments and you can take different class times each week.”
- Becca Hewes, Owner

Class Schedule

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Workshop Schedule Update

We are hosting a Yoga workshop from March 14 to March 16. Four of our regular classes will not be meeting during this time:

Thursday 5:30pm will not meet on 3/14
Thursday 6:15pm will not meet on 3/14
Friday 5:45pm will not meet on 3/15
Saturday 10:45am will not meet on 3/16


9:00am-10:00am - Longevity Yoga - Melissa
10:15am-11:15am - Yoga for Everyone - Kathie
5:45pm-6:45pm - Strength & Alignment - Becca


9:15am-10:15am - Strength & Alignment - Becca
10:45am-12:00pm - Yoga for Everyone - Kathie
5:45pm-6:45pm - Yogalife Flow - Holly
7:00pm-8:00pm - Yoga for Everyone - Aimee


9:00am-10:15am - Longevity Yoga - Jeri
5:45pm-6:45pm - Yogalife Flow - Kelly


9:15am-10:15am - Yoga Pilates Remix - Kathie
10:45am-11:45pm - Longevity Yoga - Melissa
5:30pm-6:00pm - Yoga Pilates Remix - Holly
6:15pm-7:15pm - Yoga for Everyone - Anne


9:15am-10:30am - Longevity Yoga - Jeri
10:45am-12:00pm - Yoga for Everyone - Kathie
5:45pm-6:45pm - Yogalife Flow - Holly


10:45am-12:00pm - Yoga & Meditation - Becca


11:30am-12:30pm - Yogalife Flow - Kelly/Kathie